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CDXC is the UK's premier amateur radio DX Foundation, with over 700 members, dedicated to encouraging excellence in long distance radio communications (DXing) and contesting.

The 2024 CDXC DX Convention will take place on 20th July

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Booking is now open - to book go here

CDXC DIGEST - Spring 2024 Edition now available to members


CDXC welcomes new members.

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CDXC sponsoring Lord Howe - VK9LA         (on air Jun 2024)

CDXC sponsoring EU-118MM0UKI            (on air Aug 2024)

CDXC sponsoring Jarvis Is.N5J                (on air Aug 2024)

CDXC sponsoring Pitcairn - VP6WR            (on air Sep 2024)

CDXC sponsoring Somalia - 6O3T               (on air Sep 2024)

CDXC sponsored Pitcairn - VP6G                (on air Apr 2024)

CDXC sponsored Australs - TX7W               (on air Apr 2024)

CDXC sponsored E. Kiribati - T32EU           (on air Mar 2024)

CDXC sponsored Wallis - FW & TX              (on air Mar 2024)

CDXC sponsored Guyana - 8R7X                   (on air Feb 2024)

CDXC sponsored Clipperton - TX5S               (on air Jan 2024)

CDXC sponsored Marquesas - TX7L              (on air Nov 2023)

CDXC sponsored Cameroon - TJ9MD           (on air Nov 2023)

CDXC sponsored Niue - E6AM                       (on air Oct 2023)

CDXC sponsored Chatham Is - ZL7/               (on air Oct 2023)

CDXC sponsored Tuvalu - T2C                       (on air Oct 2023)

CDXC sponsored Niue - E6AM                        (on air Oct 2023)

CDXC sponsored - W8S                                  (on air Oct 2023)

CDXC sponsored Rockall - EU189                  (on air May 2023)

CDXC sponsored - E6AF                                 (on air Apr 2023)

CDXC sponsored - E6AF                                 (on air Apr 2023)

CDXC sponsored - S51CIK                              (on air Mar 2023)

CDXC sponsored  - 3B7M                                (on air Feb 2023)

CDXC sponsored  - 3Y0J                                 (on air Jan 2023) 

CDXC sponsored - TN8K                                 (on air Jan 2023)  

 8R7X Team - Guyana                        FW8GC and TX8GC - Wallis Island

         TX5S Team - Clipperton                      Gerben, PG5M, at VP6G

           T2C Team - Tuvalu                                   3B7M Team - St Brandon

CDXC Flag on Bouvet

  CDXC DIGEST - Spring 2024 Edition now available to members.

Future editorial deadlines are as follows:

Summer 21 July 2024

Autumn  21 October 2024

Winter:  21 January 2025

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CDXC_DX: Real-Time DX Spotting and CDXC_Chat

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Did you know?  CDXC has it's own DX Cluster where members can post spots which only go to other members on the cluster. Why not join! Get to the DX first!   Follow CDXC Cluster  to find out how to join.

Five reasons why YOU will benefit from being a member of CDXC!

    1.   The CDXC Community 2.   Help sponsor DXpeditions

3. The CDXC Digest magazine and website 4. Learn from other CDXC Members

5. CDXC Social events

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CDXC began in the 1980s, formed by a small group of keen DXers. Since then CDXC has grown substantially with our members sharing a common interest in HF DX and contesting, drawn together by their shared values of high standards of operating and DXing skills. CDXC has become one of the largest and most respected DX groups in the world. CDXC now has around 750 members, of which more than 20% are outside the UK.

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CDXC members receive the latest news, first hand reports on DXpeditions plus discussion about the world of DXing four times a year in the CDXC Digest, the club magazine. 

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CDXC is a major funder of international DXpeditions.  For more information please follow the links below.

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