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CDXC Support for DXpeditions

A significant purpose for CDXC and its members is to support DXpeditions to rarer locations. CDXC is a major sponsor of DXpeditions and has supported hundreds of DXpeditions over the past four decades.

On this page we describe our conditions of sponsorship, provide guidance on how we decide which DXpeditions to sponsor and provide a link to the sponsorship request form.

Conditions of sponsorship

We require agreement to the following for our sponsorship:

• To operate at all times in accordance with the DX Code of Conduct.

• To put the CDXC logo on the DXpedition website, QSL cards and to credit us as a sponsor in all articles produced after the DXpedition.

• To provide an illustrated write up for the CDXC Digest magazine within 3 months of the last day of the DXpedition.

• To provide a full upload to LoTW as soon as possible but under no circumstance later than 12 months after the last day of the DXpedition.

• To provide a QSL service.

• To apply for sponsorship in advance of the DXpedition.

• To use any sponsorship money provided solely for the purposes of the DXpedition.


CDXC will evaluate all applications using the following criteria:

• How rare the DXCC is both globally and in Western Europe (using Club Log statistics).

• We look to sponsor DXpeditions to entities which are in the top 75 Most Wanted in Western Europe in Club Log. It is rare that we sponsor a DXpedition that is >100 in the Club Log listing.

• For IOTA operations we look favourably on IOTAs that are less than 20% confirmed on the IOTA list.

• We look for a reasonable team size. With the exception of IOTAs, we do not usually sponsor single-operator DXpeditions.

• It would be very unusual for CDXC to sponsor a ‘Holiday-style’ or ‘Contest-only’ DXpedition.

• We evaluate the experience of the proposed team for operating skills and organisational competence.

• We look favourably on experienced teams who take new-comers and/or youth members with them.

• We look for a reasonable (>10,000) QSO target.

• We look at the equipment (rigs, antennas, computers etc.) being taken and assess the likelihood of meeting the stated QSO target.

• We favour DXpeditions that plan to offer a mix of operating modes.

• We look at which bands the DXpedition will operate and assess the likelihood of meeting the stated QSO target.

If you are in any doubt please fill in the application or contact any CDXC Committee member for guidance.

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