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2023 CDXC DX Marathon Challenge

The scores for the 2023 Marathon were again up from the previous year in all categories. Improved solar conditions and a great year for DXpeditions, which included Bouvet early in the year and later Ducie, Swains and Marquesas Islands plus various other DX in between. Participation was good again this year with 176 CDXC members entering the Marathon.

The 3-year rule came into play in the CW and Phone sections: the 3-year rule states an entrant can only receive the same trophy once in any three year period. This only applies to the trophies and not certificates nor the Intermediate and Foundation sections.

The CW section saw some familiar callsigns at the top of the table. Dick, PA3FQA finished top of the table with 251, Chris G3SJJ also worked with 251 DXCC but had fewer slots than Dick so comes in second and Lionel G5LP came third with 242. These three have all won this section in the last three years so the 2023 GM4FAM Trophy goes to John, GM0OPS who came 4th working 241 DXCC.

The Phone section was hotly contested. Rob, MW0RLJ finished at the top of the table with 254 but having won in 2020 is not eligible for the trophy and so the G3NUG Trophy for most DXCC on Phone was won by Andy, M0NKR with 235 DXCC followed by Gary, G0FWX with the same DXCC count but fewer slots. In third place was Robert, G4TUK with 214..

The 2023 Presidents Trophy for most DXCC worked using MGM goes to Trevor, EI2GLB with 263 DXCC, only 3 behind in second place was William, N6RV and third place goes to Norman, 5B4AIF with 257.

The winner of the Foundation section for 2023 is Darren, M3DFW with 192

The winner of the Intermediate section was Mark, 2E0FVN with 241

Congratulations to all of the winners, some really great scores across all sections.

Note: We will consider changing the rules to ask those near the top of the tables not to remove their logs from Club Log until we have concluded adjudication. This is a situation that caused a correction to the Phone results.

   Award Callsign DXCC
  GM4FAM Trophy and Salver (CW) GM0OPS 241
  Highest CW (Certificate)* PA3FQA 251
  2nd CW (Certificate)* G3SJJ 251
  3rd CW (Certificate)* G5LP 242
  G3NUG Trophy and Salver (Phone) M0NKR 235
  Highest Phone (Certificate)* MW0RLJ 254
  2nd Phone (Certificate) G0FWX 235
  3rd Phone (Certificate) G4TUK 214
  Presidents Trophy and Salver (MGM) EI2GLB 263
  2nd MGM (Certificate) N6RV 260
  3rd MGM (Certificate) 5B4AIF 257
  Intermediate (Certificate) 2E0FVN 241
  Foundation (Certificate) M3DFW 192

  * 3-year rule applies. See text

Our thanks as ever to Michael, G7VJR and the Club Log team for hosting the tables and assisting the adjudication process.

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