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The CDXC Cup

The "CDXC Cup" is an RSGB Trophy donated by CDXC. It is awarded to the leading single operator UK/ Channel Islands/ Isle of Man entrant in the CQ World-wide Phone Contest. This cup was first awarded for the 1999 contest. The recipient does not have to be a member of CDXC or the RSGB. The CDXC Cup is returnable. This cup parallels the G8KW trophy which is awarded for the CQWW CW Contest.

The past winners of the CDXC Cup were:

 Year  Winner  Name
2017 M0UTDMark Jones 
2016 M3W (G4FAL op) Nick Totterdell 
2015 G5W (5B4WN op) Marios Nicolaou 
 2014GM5X (GM4YXI op) Keith Kerr 
2013 G6PZ GI0RTN, Gerry Lynch 
 2012  GM3WOJ  Chris Tran 
 2011  MW5E G3WVG, Ian Pritchard
 2010  GM5X  Keith Kerr 
  2009  GW4BLE   Steve Cole
 2008  M6T  Andy Cook
 2007 M6T  Andy Cook
 2006  GW4BLE  Steve Cole
 2005  GW4BLE  Steve Cole
 2004 GI1W  Robert Cumming
 2003 M6T  Andy Cook
2002 GD6IA  Chris Tran
2001  G3KHZ  Derek Cox
2000  GW4BLE  Steve Cole
1999  GI0KOW  Robert Cumming

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