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31st Ocotober 2019

CDXC: The UK DX Foundation makes a significant donation to the Club Log  upgrade

The CDXC committee is delighted to announce a donation £2,000 ($2600) on behalf of its members for significant hardware upgrades to Clublog – THE DXers on line tool. This is in addition to £500 ($650) CDXC donates each year to support Club Log running costs.


       Michael, G7VJR with the hardware                                The innards!

Since its inception in 2008 Club Log has grown to be part of the toolkit of DXing, and an integral aspect of competitive DXing for both DXers and DXpeditioners alike.

This hardware upgrade will improve resiliency, enhance performance and facilitate further innovation.

Club Log is the brain-child of Michael, G7VJR and is now supported by a team of volunteers world-wide. Today Club Log hosts 590 million QSOs and caters for 69,000 active users.

In response, Michael, G7VJR said:

“Wow, amazing! Totally amazing - thank you thank you!

This takes the budget for the hardware easily to the level where I can get the next step of CPUs, which I'd not expected would be possible. I can also get the redundant main storage card option, which will improve the overall resilience (and day to day performance) as well!

On the £500 for running costs, that is very much appreciated as it gives me a bit of security on the forthcoming jump when I have two servers chewing on electricity. Excellent, just perfect - what a great offer.”


On receiving the hardware (see pictures above) Michael said "I received the server on Friday, and spent the whole weekend benchmarking and testing it out. What you can't see in the picture is the ultra-high-end storage array hiding in the front. The new server is brilliantly fast, and with every part being brand new I feel very pleased that it will be a solid and reliable service from 2020 onwards, as hoped. The new server is heading to the data center tomorrow [12th November 2019], where I will begin the process of commissioning it for the world to use, hopefully going live this year now."

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